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11th Grade Checklist

Does your student have all these ready? 

11th Grade is the last year to showcase your passions and start something new.

Is your junior year planned out?

This halfway point in high school should be the pivotal time when you are exploring your passions and potential career interests, and developing yourself as a strong scholar and leader, both inside and outside the classroom.

This is the critical year to engage in community service, internships, research projects, and start preparing for your PSAT and SAT/ACT exams in the upcoming year. Make this the best year yet with IVY’D College Prep’s personalized consulting for 10th grade and specialized programs.

Trusted by Parents. Proven with Results.​

Across the board, parents work with us to make sure high school is done in the best way possible. 

Summer Programs for 11th Grade

Make your summer an impressive one with our IVY’D INSPIRE Programs, designed to help students explore, learn, and build their resumes.

Most Frequently Asked Questions for 11th Grade

Preparing for college as a 10th grader and staying competitive throughout high school are pivotal for setting a strong foundation. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help parents guide their children effectively:

It’s wise to begin planning for college in 9th grade. Early planning can help students identify their interests and align their high school courses, extracurricular activities, and summer experiences to their college goals.

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