A-to-Z Application Help for Seniors & Transfers

Our most comprehensive package for seniors and transfer students to guide you through the entire college admissions process. If your student is applying for competitive schools or programs, this is the package to get you to the finish line!

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Busy high school seniors often plan to start their college applications a week or two before the first deadline, unaware of the time it will take to assemble an effective application. These students rush through their college essays, missing the opportunity to shine. They are sometimes surprised to learn that many colleges require a supplemental essay leaving little time to write them. Insufficient time may have been reserved for the key decision in this process — determination of the schools to which the application will be submitted.

Why work with a counselor?

This is crunch time and your student may need support and expert guidance to achieve the best possible outcome.

IVY’D College Prep offers a Senior Rush Package to assist students with completing high quality applications prior to the deadlines. Even with little time available, we believe that students who work with us can complete strong and convincing applications and submit them to colleges where they will be happy and thrive.

Your student will work directly with Michelle, founder of IVY’D College Prep. Michelle is always encouraging, with a can-do attitude and the ability to make others feel less stressed in the face of what might seem like an enormous task. Your student is likely to “catch” this attitude and get to work. We are appreciative of the student who may sometimes be labeled a procrastinator when, in reality, they may simply work better under time pressure. The surge of energy these students feel as deadlines loom, along with our expertise, will yield positive results.

The A-to-Z Package focuses on timely completion of the application and achievement of the best possible outcome for your student. Choose either 5 or 10 hours of assistance.

5 hours of support: $1,750

10 hours of support: $3,250

During an initial phone consultation, we will review which parts of the application process your student has completed and identify the tasks that remain. Our work will be tailored to the needs of your student and may include:

  • An overview of the application process, tasks to be completed and priorities, with a focus on deadlines and creating a path to successful and timely completion.

  • Development of a detailed path to application completion, customized for your student, including key tasks prioritized with specific due dates.

  • Review of your student’s college list and suggestions of additional colleges.

  • Essay writing assistance. We will brainstorm appropriate topics, as necessary, before a student writes a draft. If a topic has already been selected or the essay is already drafted, we will focus on the key elements colleges are looking for, what to avoid, editing and revision. Primary and supplemental essays will be addressed as required.

  • Assistance with completion of the Common Application, Coalition Application and/or college-specific applications as required. This may include assistance with developing or revising the activities list, obtaining and submitting recommendation letters and the process for application submission.

  • Professional review of your student’s college list and suggestions of additional colleges, including both “reach” and “safety” schools. If your student has yet to develop a list, we will work together to do so.

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What to Expect from IVY'D College Prep

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    Meet with your qualified college admissions counselor on a regular basis (dependent on your package) and be guided from beginning to end of the process!

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My parents were confused on how to help me and they felt bad I was getting left behind everyone else. So they introduced me to IVY’D and my counselor helped me through everything from the Common App to financial aid.

Anna S. •  Princeton, Class of 2025 

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