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Our team comprises Ivy League alumni and experienced admissions consultants. Parents and students value the depth of insight and firsthand experience that our counselors bring to the table.

Our team has the experience your child deserves.

Our college counselors stand out with their impressive credentials and diverse experiences. Each counselor hails from prestigious universities and brings a wealth of knowledge from various academic and industry backgrounds. 

This rich blend of experience enables our team to offer unparalleled guidance, helping countless students gain admission to top-tier schools.

Trust in our counselors at IVYD to navigate your path to academic success with proven strategies and personalized advice.

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We empower the community through education.

At IVY’D, we are committed to enriching communities through education. Our team provides free college prep workshops to non-profits, libraries, and schools, offering expert guidance and support to students aspiring for higher education.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many.

Leader in college admissions consulting
Leader in college admissions consulting

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Our team is constantly growing to meet demand and help more students. We look for highly motivated individuals who have extensive experience in Ivy League education and a passion for mentorship.

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College Admissions Consultant
Admissions Trends Researcher
ACT / SAT Course Designer
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