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How can my application stand out?

How can I score in the top 5% of prep tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, or LSAT? 

How can I get into my dream school?

Every year, thousands of students with the same grades, impressive resumes, and great recommendation letters compete for a chance at places like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

But only 4-6% of them get in. What makes the difference?

With 10 years of experience in education, non-profits, and coaching,
IVY’D College Prep is here to help you get into your dream school and excel there.


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IVY’D College Prep began with a single vision: to bring quality consultancy for families and students who aspired to attend the best and most prestigious universities — regardless of their location or background. 

IVY’D College Prep started with 1-to-1 consulting in California, and has now expanded to serve students all over the world through our award-winning services and classes.

The Dream Team

Founded by a Duke and a Harvard graduate, IVY’D College Prep’s consultants and tutors come from only the best universities — such as Harvard, Stanford, Brown, UPenn, and Duke. 

Our consultants aren’t just random college graduates; they are experienced tutors who are passionate about the work they do to help families and students achieve their dreams.

Each consultant goes through a rigorous screening and training process before being accepted into the IVY’D team.

Emma M.

UCLA, Class of 2024

“For me, it’s the support I received that helped the most. I knew I could reach out to my IVY’D counselor whenever I had a question or I was freaking out over my application. It made things less stressful. So much!”

Work with our team of college admissions consultants to write stellar essays, ace interviews, and win scholarships. We offer stress-free university admissions counseling to increase your chances!

Confidence and success starts with IVY'D College Prep