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"This ACT prep class really got me ready for the big test. It broke down all the tricky stuff into easy bits and gave me the boost I needed to feel confident on exam day."
Thomas K.
28 to 32 Composite
"The ACT prep was surprisingly awesome! They made studying way less boring with cool tricks and tips. Plus, the practice tests really helped me get in the zone."
Sam L.
30 to 34 Composite
"The ACT prep was surprisingly good. They made the boring stuff interesting and gave us tons of practice that actually made a difference. Totally worth it!"
Daniel C.
33 to 36 Composite
"The ACT prep class was a game-changer! The teachers were so chill and really broke down all the tough stuff. I felt way more ready for the test after taking that course."
Melissa M.
32 to 35 Composite

Class Options for March & April

Tuesday and Thursday

5pm PT / 8pm ET 

Starts on March 12th, 2024 

Monday and Wednesday 

4pm PT / 7pm ET

Starts on March 13th, 2024 

Live ACT Class

24 Hours of Instruction, 3 hours a Week
$ 1900 For 8 Weeks of Access
  • 24 hours of live instruction
  • 99% Top Scoring Teachers
  • Max 6 Students Per Cohort
  • Weekly Practice Tests & HW

Live Class + Personal Tutoring

24 Hours of Class + 5 Hours of 1-1 Tutoring
$ 2200 For 12 Weeks of Access
  • 24 hours of live instruction
  • 99% Top Scoring Teachers
  • Max 6 Students Per Cohort
  • BONUS 5 Hours of 1-1 Tutoring

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We help students get comfortable with the digital SAT format and content so they can reach their highest potential. Our teachers show you what to study and how to study it.

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This rich blend of experience enables our team to offer unparalleled guidance, helping countless students gain admission to top-tier schools.

Trust in our counselors at IVYD to navigate your path to academic success with proven strategies and personalized advice.

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