How Long Is the ACT Test? Maximizing Your Time

The well-known ACT is one standardized test that is essential to the US college admissions process. If desired, it provides a thorough evaluation of a person’s proficiency in each of the following five subjects: arithmetic, science, reading, writing, and English. Concerning the ACT time restriction and how to divide the test’s several sections, queries concerning […]

Balance Academics and Extracurriculars for IVY College Applicants

By the time high school students begin applying to colleges, ideally, they have experienced managing their time and learned to balance extracurricular and academic activities. These pupils had to handle harder and harder subjects, along with an increasing number of extracurricular activities, as they progressed through elementary and high school. A significant portion of students’ […]

Why You Should Do Volunteer Work For IVY College Admission?

Volunteer experiences from high school have a significant role in your college applications. Among the several qualities that college admissions authorities consider, these are frequently mentioned as the differentiating factors between two students who are equally competent. Including volunteer work on your college application is crucial, especially if you’re applying to highly selective universities like […]

How To Overcome Writer’s Block in College Essay Writing?

The majority of great writing happens in fits and starts; writing is never a smooth process. These more significant obstacles are referred to as writer’s block. It happens when a writer is genuinely unable to write because they are stuck. Anxiety, worry, or just not grasping the subject matter are just a few of the […]

Using Storytelling Techniques in College Essays For Admission

Your life is a story with characters, antagonists, allies, and turns and turns. Your college application should include all pertinent details from your time as a high school student. What you have accomplished matters, but so does who you are, that’s where storytelling comes into play. Your grades may reflect your studious nature, but your […]

How To Prepare For IVY College Interviews?

One thing that all IVY colleges probably have in common is an interview, whether it’s working summers at the ice cream store, enrolling in your ideal institution, or getting the job of your dreams after graduation. It’s likely that you will conduct numerous interviews throughout your life, and for certain students, the college admissions interview […]

Early College Planning and it’s Importance For IVY College Acceptance

The process of applying to college might seem intimidating, particularly for students who start late. The college application process consists of numerous steps, such as creating an essay or creating a best-fit list. Because of this, we always advise students to get a head start and develop executive functioning abilities that will benefit them in […]

Guide To Overcoming Admission Test Anxiety

Have you ever dreamed of being back in school and facing an empty test that you had neglected to study for? If so, you’re not the only one. Imagine that you have been studying for your upcoming exam for weeks. However, you had trouble sleeping the previous night due to your anxiety. You know that […]

ACT Study Plan: Strategizing For Success

Your ACT score can help you gain admission to prestigious universities and institutions, scholarships worth thousands of dollars, and recognition and chances that could change your life. Achieving a high score is much easier said than done, though. Even the best students find the ACT tough, with 215 difficult questions to answer in less than […]

Benefits Of Participating In Summer Programs For IVY League Colleges

Being ready to submit an Ivy League application is no joke. You need to take into account your extracurricular activities, standardized test results, class rank, and GPA. Selective universities can now choose from among the best students in the nation more than ever because top acceptance rates have fallen well below 10%. You need to […]

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