College Ready Package for 9th, 10th, 11th Grade

Our perfect package for students in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade! Our most comprehensive guide through the entire college admissions process. If your student is aiming for competitive schools or programs, this is the package to launch you to success! 

Your path to success starts with IVY’D College Prep.

We will focus on exploring your student’s unique interests, abilities and preferences, creating a list of well researched colleges that best meet your student’s academic, personal and social needs, improving your student’s academic and extracurricular profile, and creating the strongest and most convincing application possible. 



Recommended years:
•    Sophomore and junior year
•    Latest time to get started: spring of Junior year 

•    Video conference meetings via Zoom.
•    Phone calls as needed.
•    Research, email and text time.
•    Access to exclusive college research, planning and organizational tools.

Goals and Outcomes:
•    Explore the student’s unique interests, needs, goals, preferences and abilities as they pertain to college planning.
•    Create a list of well researched colleges that best meet the academic, personal and social needs of the student.
•    Improve academic/extracurricular profile.
•    Create the strongest application possible.

This package will be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each student and family. The following is a list of services included in a “typical” College Preparation package.

•    Identification of interests and educational priorities.
•    Thorough college research culminating in a list of “best match” colleges.
•    Up to date knowledge of trends in college admissions and how they relate to your family’s circumstances.
•    Review of academic record.
•    Advice on course selection.
•    Standardized testing recommendations.
•    Extracurricular activities planning (including valuable summer experiences).
•    Create and update an activities resume.
•    Advice regarding effective college visits.
•    Review of the financial aid process.
•    Writing activities that mimic the college application essays. 
•    Crafting competitive applications for internships & scholarships.
•    Assistance in determining final college choice.
•    Support and counseling to minimize stress.

Work with our team of college admissions consultants to write stellar essays, ace interviews, and win scholarships. We offer stress-free university admissions counseling to increase your chances!

What to Expect from IVY'D College Prep

  • Schedule a Consultation

    Schedule a consult with one of our enrollment specialists to talk about your academic background and college selection.

  • Create Game Plan

    Create a weekly schedule of goals and steps together with your qualified college admissions counselor.

  • Conquer the Admissions Game

    Meet with your qualified college admissions counselor on a regular basis (dependent on your package) and be guided from beginning to end of the process!

Take the first step to getting a "Yes" from your dream college.

My parents were confused on how to help me and they felt bad I was getting left behind everyone else. So they introduced me to IVY’D and my counselor helped me through everything from the Common App to financial aid.

Anna S. •  Princeton, Class of 2025 

Confidence and success starts with IVY'D College Prep!