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Their caring approach to each student’s unique needs, from interview preparation to strategic college list building, was everything we were hoping for. Our daughter’s acceptance into an Ivy was a proud moment, made possible because she had their help. I would highly recommend starting with them as early as you can.

Grace M.

Exceptional Results

We are over the moon! The consulting team’s approach to admissions strategy, combined with their exceptional essay guidance, resulted in our daughter receiving multiple offers. .

Sarah K.

If your student is stressed

Their comprehensive support, from selecting the right schools to preparing for interviews, was invaluable. We are thrilled with the outcome, as our child got into their top-choice college. The expertise and care provided by the counselors, many of whom are Ivy League alumni and former admissions officers, truly made a difference.

David J.

Advice: Start early!!

Starting early with IVY’D College Prep in our child’s freshman year of high school was one of the best decisions we made. Their Future Ivy Leaders Program provided an excellent foundation, focusing not just on academics but also on major/career exploration, which was beneficial. We appreciated the holistic approach to preparing our child for college, which went beyond just academic achievements.

Jennifer F.


Our experience with IVY’D College Prep has been nothing short of remarkable. As parents, we were initially overwhelmed by the college application process. However, the team at IVY’D, with their wealth of experience and personalized approach, made it a streamlined and stress-free experience for us.

Sandra H.

Less stress for parents and student

When we signed up for the admissions consulting, we hoped for the best but were amazed by the results. Her coach’s expertise in essay crafting and interview prep turned our son into a confident applicant. Less stress for us was a great bonus!!

Aisha P.

Highly recommend for SAT

The guidance our child received was a game-changer. Their SAT prep program is rigorous and effective. But it’s their personalized approach to tutoring that sets them apart. We tried Khan Academy and Kaplan before IVY’D, but our son only started improving with their program. If your child is stuck, I recommend giving them a call.

Rajesh G.


Choosing the right summer activities and building a strategic college list were as crucial as essay and interview prep for our child’s success. We didn’t know where to start since both my husband and I didn’t attend school here. We are glad to have found IVY’D for our first daughter and will be working with them for our second.

Sunita S.

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